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Bridgewater, United States

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Clearwater, Florida, Pinellas, United States

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Aveiro, Portugal, Aveiro, Portugal

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Anna, Central'nyj, Voronezskaja oblast', Russian Federation

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Abbots Salford, England, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

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North Fort Myers, United States

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Wilmington, United States

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Danielsville, United States

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62, male, Single

Detroit, United States

Hi Good looking, how are you doing today? I'm Adams Robert by name born and raised in Lincoln NE usa

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37, male, Single

Montpelier, United States

Hi, I am Rick! I'm an IT boring guy at work and quite romantic, funny and charming when it comes to relationships. In fact, I've been too romantic and fell in love a few times before with beautiful ladies who I was not compatible with. Either I was a wrong guy for them or they were wrong girls for me. So, I've promised myself I'd be dating smart this time and will use my brain more know what. I'll try to make sure we are compatible before I ask you out on a date. I will be asking you a lot of questions using a certain method. If you are interested in exploring compatibility with me, please let me know.

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30, male, Single

Alttc, India

hi I m ajay kumari study in 3rd year my life style is very simplemy hobbie is play the cricket and watch the match

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59, male, Divorced

Paris, France

Living and often traveling to your countries very attracted by your culture sportive man with lot of education calm sensitive but dynamic

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56, male, Widowed

New Paris, United States

Im driven, humble, caring, and lead with integrity in my professional and personal life. My family (especially Mom – Dad passed a few yrs ago) and friends - are my world. I consider myself extremely fortunate. Ive always been successful whether it be in sports or my career, Im very unselfish, I live to serve. Leadership, coaching, being able to share and watch others grow - is my passion. Work days are rough - when I get home its about savoring and enjoying life. As serious and intense as my job can be – Im the complete opposite at home…I have a cheesy, dry sense of humor, and although Im capable of having meaningful conversations, I love to laugh and joke around. When Im with you Ill be a gentleman. Ill respect and honor you, Ill be your biggest fan and supporter – Ill encourage you, compliment you – and above all I will have your back!

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Murray, United States

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Hollywood, United States

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Tampa, United States

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Fairbanks, United States

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Blarney, Munster, Cork, Ireland

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Benton, Kentucky, Marshall, United States

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Seward, United States

Dating Prospect leanne

Born, Limburg, Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands

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Bradyville, United States

Dating Prospect lavonne

Salt Lake City, Utah, Salt Lake, United States

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Woodstock, Georgia, Cherokee, United States

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Oude Pekela, Groningen, Pekela, Netherlands

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Gallant, United States

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San Pedro, Costa Rica

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Jeging, Oberoesterreich, Braunau am Inn, Austria

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Saginaw, United States


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